Thursday, April 9, 2009

sometimes my kids make me laugh

quotes of the week
Seth My favorite is Dad and Lucky Charms... not you lovely that Rob ranks up there with lucky charms but I don't
Brianna I think that I know why God made plants and flowers... me why is that Brianna? ... so the world would smell nice
Isaac you know I once watched that movie about Dwarfs (little people big world)with Jake's mom (his Aunt Candi) and they are like little people did you notice that you have a friend that is one cause I noticed that.
there is one time when it is okay for a Mom to weigh more than a Dad that is when she has a baby in her belly. (lovely commentary on how fat I get when I am prego)

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Most days I love my life even in the moments things aren't pretty I usually find that I can learn something from them