Friday, October 9, 2009

Temple Square

Unlike many of those I served with I wanted to go there. AnneMarie St. Felix had just returned from serving there and her homecoming talk was beyond exceptional she talked about being taught at the feet of the apostles and serving at the center of the church. I was going to school up at San Jose State and dating her younger brother at the time. I told one of my friends that I wanted to go there and he said they only send the really good looking girls there. I said well I am sending in a really good picture! I guess it helps to have a brother in law who is an excellent photographer. I did get called there. The MTC was a learning experience for me, I had a fabulous companion and a great class to get me through. But the minute I stepped on Temple Square the spirit flooded into my body with so much force. I promised myself that I would never forget that feeling. I wasn't expecting it to be just as strong when I went back for the reunion 13 years later. I really wasn't expecting to be so overcome by the Conference and I was grumbling about them demolishing Deseret Gym. I loved my mission and all of the woman I was able to serve with not only were they the best looking girls but they really were high caliber woman who know and lead. To say that being in a room with many of them again was rejuvinating would be an understatement. I loved it even if Jaynee was a little fussy. Can I blame her? Who carts a six week old baby off to another state? Some of my favorites were not there... yes you know I missed you. It was so good to see those I was able to even if they posted on facebook and didn't crop out my monsterous body..President Snow was amazing...He is an apostle now something else I was not prepared for He holds the mantle and I did ask for some wisdom and he offered it. Not only that but we were given an apostolic blessing something that I get to treasure through this life that my family including children not yet born will grow to know that Savior more with each and every day. WOW I still have people to thank for making the trip possible and I feel so blessed

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