Tuesday, May 26, 2009

http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/57361/California-young-mother-uses-love.htmllove.html They did an article on Cherry in the church news click on it to see I am so lucky to have her as an older sister. I got to watch her and Tiffany run the LA marathon yesterday morning. It was fun to be there. I got the first text that they were right on target for a 4 hour marathon. I thought how nice that they will be together. Then we waited at mile thirteen and we saw Keri and Jared and then Cherry we thought we must have missed Tiffany and almost went on to the next stop but I got the second text and Tiffany's time had fallen behind Cherry's so we stayed and it was a good thing. Tiffany did not know what was wrong but she did know she was in pain and she was sprouting water like a faucett She was drenched from head to toe. She did not look good. So I think worrying about her helped ease my disappointment that I couldn't be there running with them. Tiffany ended up in the ER and was treated for a 3mm kidney stone. YIKES I know it was a disappointment timing wise to have to suffer physical pain instead of endure miles she had trained for but dang she ran 10 more miles through the pain because she knew we would be there. I am so glad we were there. I can't imagine if we had decided it would be too crowded and didn't show up

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes, I have to laugh at my little Brianna she is so funny and sometimes a little too much like me. I remember as a child laying in my bed an imagining the shadows on the wall were different things. Sometimes I feared them. The other night Brianna came in to lay down with me then she all of a sudden started crying. I said what is wrong and she pointed to the shadow I said oh that is the shadow of my arm see and I made a fun shadow shape with my hand. Then she had to come close and do the same. We made shadow shapes for a few minutes. She has decided she does not want freckles and she wants brown or black hair. She asks if she can change her hair color almost daily. I have to laugh cause I had two blonde sisters and always wanted blonde hair. I was a lot older than 5 though. I never liked my freckles and remember crying one day because we got a new video camera and my brother did one of those too close shots...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Do you ever feel like there are just too many choices. I do. Like when Seth has to go to the bathroom at Isaac's basketball game... public restrooms are repulsive and even more so when you are potty training. So I chose to take him to the restroom (mistake number one) and mostly only because Brianna had to go too. As soon as we enter the stall he says look mom someone peed on the seat and of course being the two year old that he is puts his finger right in it....urgggg Then I wash his hands reminding my self that next time I think I will take a wipe to the toilet before he notices anything tangible... Then when he finishes up and washes his hands yes second time now, he runs out of the bathroom and right onto the court in the middle of the basketball game right toward the ball.... oh my...do I run onto the court after him then it is even more of a disruption prego lady snatching up toddler in the middle of the game.. I let it go, hoping for some other option.. There to the rescue on the other side was my sister who ran after him and snatched him quickly off the court. Who knew all that training would pay off for me. I do like it when I chose to not make a choice and it turns out okay for me cause really there are just too many decisions to make on a regular basis.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Beach ball blast + Isaac Bree and Seth = happy children = happy mommy!

American Mothers Convention + Cherry + Tiffany + Mom + me prego+ woman who think Cherry and Tiffany look just alike = me feeling like the red headed stepchild

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