Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get this off my CHEST

Rob asked when I will be over it?? I am not sure maybe this is my final attempt. I signed up to help with cub scout camp monthes ago.. Rob's job is picking up and there is always the hope that I will get to work less soon. I was hoping not to be working by now. As we were setting up for camp I noticed that they really have it set up so that you can have siblings there.. BRILLIANT..I was going to put my sister out all week and have her watch my kids, so I could work the camp but realized it would be easier to keep my other three there at the camp. Andrea(director of the camp) is accomadating (LOVE THAT ABOUT HER) so she said that would be fine. I called Tiffany and told her I would see how it goes on Monday and if it works out she would be off the hook. So Monday a couple hours into camp. Our Den was sitting doing our craft and Jaynee started to fuss mind you she had been in the 80 degree sun all morning and was also tired. I went one table over where I could still observe the boys but was not directly in their eyeshot and started to nurse her. This lady bolts over and says "You NEED to find a more appropriate place to nurse her." I said you did not just say that to me. She said ya well I nursed three kids but I don't think you should be nursing here or could you cover her. I said there is NO exposure here and she will not take a blanket over her head (especially in 80 degrees) Mind you I have an Xtra large mens Tshirt on and I am very well covered. I said I could go to the Le Leche Legue for you even coming over here. She said well I am not representing the scouts I am just coming over as a parent of one...I can't even tell how TICKED OFF that whole interaction made me... Really? Really? I think part of it was her approach Don't come over with your Type A personality and tell me what to do. Especially when it is not in the best interest of my child.. Come on.. like I am a big fan of nursing in public.. who is? You put yourself aside and do what is best for your child. Not one of those boys in our Den... Thank Heavens for Karalee who took on more than her share as a den mom because she was paired up with me, even thought twice about me nursing Jaynee all week along side them infact I bet most of them were completely OBLIVIOUS to it. She probably had good intentions and I should probably be over it by NOW...I hate confrontation but really I should Thank her because she reminded me that when it comes to my children...Don't mess with this mother Lion!

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