Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kinnelon New Jersey home of six pieces of my heart

Funny how I wasn't sure that I wanted to be her friend as a child. She seemed so smart I guess I was a little intimidated. She was friends with all of the people I liked by middle school she had become my best friend. Kristie my best friend has always blessed my life recently she made it possible to go and visit my sister and her family I would not have been able to spend my spring break with them if it weren't for Kristie. She works for jet blue and let me use one of her buddy passes. I started this post 5days before I went and I am just now finishing it. It was such a beautiful trip. I miss Tiffany Matt and Jacob Leah Grace and Chloe immensely but visiting them and seeing all of the beauty that they enjoy living in such a beautiful environment made it a little better. Thanks to Kristie!

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