Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Four Shots!

Sometimes I wonder how Heavenly Father could possibly trust me with my kids when they are so very different. Can I really be a good mother to all of them when they are so very opposite? Or maybe Rob will make up the difference. It does boggle my mind sometimes. I took Brianna to get her last set of immunizations before kindergarten. As we were waiting in the waiting room she was flipping through a magazine and stopped at a picture of a fashion model and said mom is she cuter than you. I said yes she is but she is probably not nicer and I think that is more important. Then she said I told you there are people hotter than you. Man is she really 20 in that little pint size barely two percentile frame? Brenna has earings and so Brianna thinks she should have her ears pierced. I never really had a set time when I would have it done for her except I just wanted it to be when I knew that she wanted it. So I told her if she was brave enough for her shots she could get her ears pierced, it is a similar pain. So she was excited to go get her shots. Well until we were actually there in the Doctor's office and it was about to happen. She started crying even before the Doctor came into the room. He said what is wrong with her. I told him she knows she is getting shots. He said okay I will have my nurse give you the "little ones" that helped a little until the first needle pierced her skin and then her shriek could be heard three counties away in either direction. The nurse said it is okay you can scream. She did. I barely made it through the shots. Isaac just sat there when he got his a few years ago and didn't even make a peep. I really wasn't expecting that from Brianna but I didn't realize how dramatic she would be either. I asked if she still wanted her ears pierced and she said "Not today" so I guess I will wait until she asks again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leah's Birthday

Leah is 8 and was baptized on her birthday. It was a nice baptism despite the fact that Tiffany asked me to speak. I guess I should look at it as a blessing cause it really was nice to be an important part of her special day. She had Rob baptize her and my Dad confirm her and the spirit was there. Leah is so sensitive to the spirit and she walked up and stood right next to me as I spoke which was a huge comfort to me. Leah is such a sensitive and motherly child. She likes to help out and is so capable, of course she is she is Tiffany's daughter. I love Leah and am very proud of how excited and ready she was to be baptized.
After the baptism we were waiting for Rob out in the car and waiting and waiting finally in effort to distract the kids I asked them what they thought he was doing. Brianna said maybe he had to take a call from the President of the United States. Isaac says yeah right Brianna. Then Brianna says well maybe he wanted to talk to a girl that is hotter than you! Can you believe that my 4 year old came up with that. What??? So Rob finally gets out to the car and I tell him what she thinks he is up to and he said You didn't tell her there is no girl hotter than you. He so redeemed himself I was no longer bothered by the long long wait.

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