Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hat tricks and Halloween

I love watching the kids play soccer. This season their games have been at the same time more than I would like. Since Rob is Isaac's assistant coach I get to go to Brianna's games. It is fine she is on a stronger team than Isaac this year and it is fun to watch her and Chloe together. Isaac has scored every time I am not there. On Halloween he not only scored but he scored three times. Tiffany told Chloe and Brianna that she would take them to TUTU's for shaved ice if they pulled a hat trick. They tried but fell a little short scoring only two goals each. Brianna thought she and Chloe could put their goals together and share a shaved ice,she really knows how to finagle things for herself, that worked for Tiffany.
My kids are fickle about costumes and this year with a different party every night (well it felt like that) They got to be more than one thing. Jaynee was a flower (cute costume compliments of my mother in law) Seth was a police man (which he got cutest costume prize for), a dinosaur, Mikey mouse, and a dragon. Brianna was a fairy, a pumpkin, and a witch (which was adorable my mother in law made the costume) and Isaac was Obi 1 and a clown. The dress up truck has doubled in size. I actually didn't have a costume for Isaac when he went to his first party so he used his costume from last year but he loves Star Wars and some of his friends were Star Wars characters as well so it worked. I went to the costume store to find something for him but was blown away with how expensive the cool costumes were and couldn't afford to buy one so I thought I would just slip out but Seth decided he wanted to be Batman while we were there and man I carried him and Jaynee out of the store him in full blown tantrum mode.Why is it he wants to be Batman when we have every other superhero know to man at home in the dress up trunk? If I buy Batman for next Halloween chances are he is going to want to be a pirate...but I know better he will not be joining me to the costume store next time!

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