Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So for reasons I won't detail I have been thinking that I am a little slow in the developemental stages of life. Brianna confirmed it today when I picked her up from kindergarten.
April Justin the name still makes me a little uncomfortable. During my junior year of highschool. There was this girl who kept pestering my best friend. She would call her names,follow her around, and even get others to call her names. The girl was relentless all over some boy. I watched as my best friend's self esteem took a dive.I have to tell you she is one of the most gentle, loving, and kind people in this world. I still call her when life is really hard. I spoke with my mother about it and asked what I could do. She gave me some suggestions. I tried them all, none of them worked. Then one day walking to Chemistry class she walked up to us. She said something to Kristie I don't even remember what. Guppie or something to that extent. I said leave her alone. She told me it was none of my business. I said you mess with my friends I make it my business. She pushed me. That was all it took. I gave her a beating that only the middle child of six can. Since it was completely out of character for me the fight was talked about for weeks. In highschool everybody runs when there is a fight, we had a big audience. I was then nicknamed Tyson by my Chemistry teacher for the rest of the year. Mr. Rast the assistant principle was a soccer fan infact I think his twin sons played on the Olympic team at one point. He suspended me for 1/2 a day, I think so I wouldn't miss the soccer game. He told my mother he did't blame me for standing up to her but he had to follow the school rules of discipline. I believe she was suspended for a little bit longer. She however switched highschools and did not return to school. Highschool was my first and last fight.
Brianna got into her first fight in kindergarten yesterday. I hope it is her last. Brianna got a cute little chick from her primary teacher, she took it to school. She showed it to her friend Jayden. Well Lauren wanted to see it too. Brianna recently decided that she doesn't really like Lauren partly because she is disgusted that she picks her nose and eats it. Well Lauren thought Brianna was being mean. So at recess Lauren told some kids to "go get her" the little boy was smart enough not to listen to her. However Anna wasn't she went after Brianna from what I understand the girl kicked her and then the first ever kindergarten brawl at Atherwood Elementary insued. Brianna took her down and they were full on fighting. Her teacher told me and Lauren's mother as we picked them up. Mrs. Garcia basically said I don't blame Brianna for defending herself but because she faught she is missing two recess' while Lauren the little hit woman is only missing one. WHATEVER??? I will continue to teach my children to defend themselves. I tried to make it a learning experience on the way home and talked to Brianna about being an example because I know that she has told me that Lauren thinks church is lame and doesn't even believe in God. The reason that the name April Justin still haunts me is because while everyone was singing my praises for defending Kristie. Her Dad had a talk with me. He said the only problem is what if you have to share the gospel with her in the next life... Are you going to be comfortable with your actions? He took it to a higher level. I had been given much and much was expected. Now if I can just teach my kindergartener that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday GIRLS

I had Brianna on my mom's birthday. She is SASSY SIX today. I hope we can move beyond Sassy this year but...I am not counting on it. I won't tell how old my mom is but I will say this about her. She must be doing what she is suppost to cause this life is not getting any easier for her.


So Isaac played hookey from school on Friday. He said he wasn't feeling well. I knew that he was fine. Earlier in the week he actually was a little under the weather but Friday he was fine. I let him stay home though, it was Friday and it wasn't worth a fight. Besides he works hard I didn't mind him taking a day off. It was a problem however Monday morning when he decided he wasn't well again. I said no you stayed home Friday you have to go to school today. He was begging for home school and pulling out all the stops. He went reluctantly. I picked him up for school with a smile on his face and he said you were right Billy was there today. Billy was sick all last week. It was a tough week for Isaac. Billy is a good friend and I think that he even goes so far as to look out for Isaac. He makes sure that he is not picked on. I love Billy. He comes from a fabulous family. I am grateful for the Billy's in Isaac's life as well as my own. You know those people that make even challenging things a little more pleasant. Those people who take care of you and make life a little more enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good bye Basketball Hello Soccer

Sports are this wonderful all incompasing thing. I love love love watching my children participate and especially when they do well. Yet there is part of me that thinks there is way too much emphasis put on athletics. My Dad related to us through our sporting events. Maybe that is why my brother's are all sports addicts.As a society I believe we way overpay those who have been blessed with physical talents in the sports department. That being said, they do bring lots of enjoyment.
Isaac was on a fabulous basketball team this year. It was his first year of really playing (last year he was in the instructional league). His coach was really quite amazing. During the practices I would watch him instruct and teach the game, not just run through drills. He actually taught the boys how to play. Isaac is funny. He loves watching the Lakers. He is obsessive about them actually. He loves shooting baskets out in front of the house. He loves to play one on one with me, but come game time. He didn't look like he knew where to be or what to do. He was a foot shorter than all the other boys. He lacked confidence. So I was shocked when his coach talked about him at the team party and told the players and parents that they might not know but Isaac was one of the best shooters on the team. I was impressed that his coach knew that. Saturday was their last game. Isaac actually played hard. His team lost in the last 30 seconds by one basket. It was a nail bitter. It is too bad they didn't win. I think we did though cause the coach and the boys were great with Isaac and really that is what I want out of sports a good experience for my child where they have fun and learn to play the game.
Brianna's soccer season began in the rain! I loved playing soccer in the rain and it didn't seem to bother my little hat tricker one bit. She is all about scoring and scored 4 goals. The fields were so small Rob could spit across them. Brianna's on a team with Chloe and Emme it should be a really fun season for them.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was recently called approachable. I have been trying to decide whether this is a good or bad trait.
Not so good when everyone and their brother feels the need to tell you "You really have your hands full"
Not so good when strange people come up to you and follow you around.
I had a disturbing experience the other day at Isaac's soccer practice.
I was sitting with Wendy on her blanket of course her blanket because
I barely made it out the door with 4 kids
15 minutes late because Jaynee had blown out of her diaper I had to change her outfit and she didn't even have socks on good thing we live in Southern California
so I didn't have a blanket or chair or jackets for the kids even.
(I am trying to put at the back of my mind Rob pointed out a really put together woman at the kids open house the other night)
So this girl comes up to me and she asks about Jaynee. I tell her she is six monthes old and she goes gaw gaw over how she is so smilely and then she notices Seth and Brianna are mine then Isaac takes a water break and she says wow you have FOUR kids. She stays and watches for a while finds out Wendy has four also. Tells me they are hyper of course Seth and Brianna are all over the place. During this time I realize that she is not of full mental capacity. I try to be kind and answer her questions and not get irritated by them. Yes FOUR is a lot of work. Isaac's practice finally ends and we are popsicles ( I don't like being cold) We start making our way to the car and she is still following us. Then she goes over and gets her stroller with a baby doll in it. Now I am creeped out completely. I start loading the kids in the car and I am thinking what if she tries to take Jaynee? She is really not all there mentally I can tell this from our interaction or maybe it was just socially she did not catch any of my boundary lines. I am confident if she tried I could annilate her however what a tramatic scene that would be for my kids and would one of them get hurt in the process. I can't stand the thoughts and start to stress out. I tell Isaac to get in the back. He goes and opens the rear of the Tahoe...can I blame him he has been told not to climb over the seats of course this is the one time that he obliges that command and it really would have been better had he just climbed over the seat. Like I said my thoughts are stressing me out so I buckle the kids up as fast as I can and even lock the door before I get into the drivers seat. She finally leaves. I can now breath as I watch her walk off with her stroller still holding a fake baby. I am not sure how old she was maybe early 20's. I will have to ask Wendy if she was as creeped out as I was. I am going to work on not being so approachable for a while... cause really I don't see the advantages of it

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