Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aren't I too young for a mid life crisis?

I worked Friday night so Saturday I got home and said wake me up at 10:30 (I don't think I am asking too much 2.5 hours of sleep before the kids games. Well Rob wakes me up at 10:00 urg### and Lets me know he thinks he should be there when Bobby and Neil do their first ocean dive. Can I just tell you that Rob is so loved! I mean even Heavenly Father gives him a calling where he is suppose to be adventurous and fun. Jimmy and Keri taking pitty on me call to see if they can help. They will watch Seth and Isaac while I take Bri to a party and then Jimmy will bring Isaac to me so I can take him to his game. We got to Isaac's field but I didn't see any yellow. I continued to look for yellow but had a sinking feeling I wasn't going to find any. I called his coach of course the game was at 11:00 We missed it entirely I wrote down his schedule on the calendar and all I can think is that I must have written down the wrong date :(. Isaac was not happy and it did take him a while to forgive me. I would have to say I was feeling pretty low. I can't even master being a soccer mom! Well at least I didn't have to worry about being late to Brianna's game we had plenty of time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rob thinks I am crazy!

run run run run run run run run and just when you feel like you can't any more run some more This is a photo of Tiffany my sister and I (no makeup) just before we took off to run 26.2 miles.(well I jogged she ran) Rob doesn't understand. When I was just a child my Dad took me on my first run. I have never been fast even as a child my little brother came in long before me but there is a bit of excitement as you watch the time clock and realize that you have finished something. Another motivator may have been my mother telling me if you run like that you won't ever have to worry about what you eat.Liar am I going to hell for just calling my mother a liar? While I am on the subject I cried about my freckles once and she told me they would go away when I got older didn't happen.
Anyways back to the run (jog). It was great. The canyon was absolutely breath taking. I was a little snippy at Kim once because I was thinking she was considering turning into her drill sargent personal trainer mode and I just really wanted to take in the moment and not worry about performance since I knew my time was not going to be impressive I figured I might as well bask in the experience.And bask I did I figure I got almost two more hours of the experience than most people. She was slow to offense Thank heavens and left me when I stopped for one of my many bathroom breaks. Lets just say the pasta dinner the night before was a big mistake! I loved the first half of the marathon and felt great at my slow but steady pace I was great until about 20 miles in and then I just wanted to be done. The last 6.2 were tough and had I not had memories of Ginger and my sister there to pull me through the last mile I might have quite. That is right 26.2 is not enough for Tiffany she has to add on another mile to find her snail of a sister and almost drag her through to the finish line. Just kidding it was so nice to have her there with me cause really it was the accomplishment of a goal I have had since I was a child.
It was a great weekend even aside from the marathon.
1.I got to shop (a whole different experience without kids tugging on your legs and asking to go to the bathroom or when they are going to get to go to the sweet factory because they are being so good),
2. eat, I did eat and eat and eat I figured I was running a marathon (I even had the nerve to be disappointed I didn't lose any weight when I stepped on the scale after returning home)It is my mom's fault that Lie coming to haunt me once again!
3.I got to listen to Keri and Tiffany banter they go back and forth at each other like sisters
4.I recieved a priesthood blessing the night before the race from someone Tiffany asked that was completely inspired. She was blessed with speed and I was blessed with endurance... Do you think he could have picked up on that from our physical appearance??? I have to go with the fact that he honored his preisthood and was completely inspired. Kim's blessing was also very insightful and personalized (Keri already had one from her husband).
5.I actually got to sleep 5 full nights in a row (that hasn't happened in a long time since I work nights)
My only disappointment I came home and don't look like Shannon...again my mother lied you still have to watch what you eat well at least you do if you want to look like Shannon and who doesn't :) Marathons are very very long but what an experience...I wish Cherry had been there but I do understand her reasons for declining. {Training time mostly}

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seth is learning to Pray

I just love it when Seth folds his arms and is reverent for prayer. He doesn't do it every prayer yet. I say yet like there is hope. (Brianna is still bouncing off of the walls during most prayers) There is just something about an innocent child learning to pray that brings me joy. #
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jace

I can't believe that Jace is 2. I am in denial because that means that it is only three weeks away and Seth will be 2 too. CRAZY! I love Jace and get to watch him often he is such a boy. I love how much he loves and adores his parents. He just lights up when Mike comes into a room. He is so much more confident when his Dad is around. I love that my little brother is such a good Dad. Jace and Seth like to get into trouble together in the past month they managed to completely fall through my moms coffee table and shatter the glass into jagged piece and come out unscathed. I also caught them dipping remote controls in the toilet. I know that they will enjoy being so close in age as they get older. I am so greatful to have Jace in my life. Happy Birthday little one thanks for wanting to come with me the other day. It made my heart leap with joy!

Happy 16th Cherry and Dave

Wow So Dave and Cherry have been married for sixteen years. Okay so I couldn't find your wedding photo at least it is the right temple! Happy Anniversary I will try and find one and put it in later. My favorite marriage quotes from Cherry "Marriage is like a roller coaster, a ride where sometimes you are having the time of your life and sometimes you just want to get off and throw up but you are in it until the end of the ride, eternity..." Close enough I hope :) "Love is a daily decision" I love you Cherry and Dave!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thanks Amy I am rather new to this whole blogging world and I feel like I was waiting on the line to be picked for teams in a junior high PE class. I am so relieved that I am not the last one picked. :)
7 Things I plan to do before I die
1. Enjoy the benchmarks of my children's lives blessings, baptisms, and marriages
2. Have another baby
3. make sure everyone I love knows it
4. live within a budget
5. get organized
6. run a marathon
7. live by Cherry
7 things I do now
1. survive on as little sleep as possible
2. live in the moment
3. read to my kids
4. read for pleasure
5. smile
6. work nights
7.try to do too much in too little time
7 things I can't do
1. sing
2. sleep
3. keep up with Tiffany
4. live within my means
5. fit into a size 4
6. quite working
7. go to pink berry with my friends :(
7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. eyes
2. height (I know I know)
3. muscles
4. humor
5. loves God and others
6. strength
7. ability to meet my needs
7 things that I say most often
1. I love you
2. go eat that in the kitchen
3. where is my ....?
4. Rob
5. Do you want to do your homework or practice the piano first?
6. What is your name and birthdate? (in the Emergency Room)
7. You've got to be kidding me
7 celebrates that I admire
1. Cary Grant (purely on looks)
2. Mel Gibson
3. James on survivor (body)
4. Rebecca Romaine Stamos (because my husband thinks shes hot)
5. Angela Bryner
6. Stephanie Meyer
7. Governor Sarah Palin
7 favorite foods
1. ice cream
2. cheese
3. berries
4. whip cream
5. apple crisp with ice cream
6. brownies with ice cream
7. butter
7 people who need to do this
1. Shannon
2. Kelly
3. Juli
4. Jaime
5. Keri
6. Laura
7. Julie

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is there anything better?

Is there anything better than your child's first soccer game? I was so interested to see what Brianna would think of soccer once she was out there on the field. I love soccer and Rob loves soccer and yet still I wasn't quite prepared for how fun it was to watch Brianna go after the ball. Her uncle Matt is her coach and her Dad is the assistant coach. Her cousin Gracie scored 7 yes seven goals and Brianna was right there beside her trying to get the ball to her. She said mom when I have the ball them was chasing me. She is so tiny and sassy that complete strangers stopped and watched her. In AYSO they let every one play so every one sits out when Gracie was out the other team kept scoring and Isaac was shouting put Gracie back in. Matt had to hush him.
Isaac played hard and the YELLOW DRAGONS pulled off a victory 3 to 1 or 3 to 2 (that is if you count the goal I didn't let the other team have (yes I reffed) because they kicked it out of the goal keepers hands.) I really appreciate that my kids have such great family support. I know they will too when they get a little older. Lizz and Kayla and my mom came to both Isaac and Brianna's games and Grandma Knight came to Brianna's.


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