Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not like it would shock anyone I would rather be in cleets than a fancy dress

I am going to have to admit that I am sad soccer season is over. Isaac was so lucky because Darren Payne was his coach. He said he wanted a real coach this season and he got one. Darren was great. My cousin Doug (who we like more than he likes us) got married last weekend so we missed Isaac's last soccer game and final party. It is not easy missing those events but my cousins wedding did trump soccer. Of course I would rather be watching a soccer game in a ponytail than full make-up high healed uncomfortable shoes and dress (although I still skipped the nylons I can only go so far.) Doug's wedding was straight out of a movie. Really every character you could dream up of was there from the snippy wedding planner to the Preist that had a few too many cocktails. His wedding was flawlessly planned and a very beautiful event. It was a fun day because I got to enjoy my sisters and parents company and see extended family that I don't get to see very often. However today I am missing the soccer games maybe it has to do with the fact I missed last week. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I knew as soon as soccer season was over Holliday Season would begin and of course not a shocker that I am just not ready! Thanksgiving next week...yikes

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My baby brother just turned thirty I am having serious issues here! 30 that is old for a baby! WOW it is really strange when your siblings are suddenly older than you. I love Joey. He is such a good guy. He has always been willing to sacrifice for me. My favorite Christmas memory is the first year I had Isaac someone told me there was a picture of Baby Jesus that looked just like him. I wanted it. So he hunted all over Utah looking for it and then found it and my mom told him it was much too expensive so he gave up his Christmas so I could have it. I love him! Then there is always the fact that he visited me a ton when I was on my mission because he was up at BYU he would bring friends around and take me to lunch and shopping it was always lots of fun. He is busy now and I hear about his life from friends more than from him and he won't let me read his text messages over his shoulder but I still love him.

Monday, November 10, 2008

This season we were so blessed because my brother in law was coaching my niece and asked for Brianna to be on his team. I thought he was brave. This being her first year playing. Matt my brother in law is an excellent coach he treated each of those girls like they were the super star of the team. Gracie his daughter averaged about eight goals a game she has the game figured out and since it was three on three with no goalie she took over the field. It was just fun to watch their were a couple of teams this season that matched her but for the most part she was free to score. She set up every player on our team at least a few times this season which was fun because everyone love to see their little girl kick the ball in the net. Well after the first game Brianna thought she would get a trophy so when we broke the news to her that she didn't get it until the end of the season OH the flood of tears that errupted. She doesn't just cry either she stomps and screams and the whole entire world knows when she is not happy. So leaving the soccer field we got more than a few leary looks as our daughter errupted into a full tantrum. We tried to reason with her and explain that she did not get a trophy until the end of the season. But really what were we thinking once a four year old gets something into their head... Well I think she finally settled down after the car ride home. Which was fun with her screaming and Isaac yelling make her stop she is hurting my ears. Seth starting to cry because she is.. you can just imagine. So we worried that was going to happen after every game. It was just that first game fortunately but she got that trophy at the team party Saturday night and it did not leave her hands until she fell asleep and we pried it out. I will miss watching her on the field she is so spicey she even went behind a line up of girls on the other team once and stuck her tongue at each one of them behind their backs...I have no idea where she gets that from. I will miss watching her play soccer and especially her little rosey cheeks after she has just played the game with all the might her little four year old itty bitty frame could give.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tears Tears and more Tears

A few monthes ago Isaac came home from school and said Barack Obama for president. I was a little taken back and said oh Isaac where did you hear that. At school of course. I said well actually Isaac I am voting for Mccain and so is your father. If it had just been me and my vote it would have been discounted I am sure. But Isaac loves and adores his Dad so Mccain then became the man for president. We have been highly involved in Proposition 8. First and far most because the Prophet told us that we needed to invest our time and means into this and that it required our best effort. The ideal family begins with a loving father and mother. There is not a doubt in my mind that their are other loving family make ups out there. However do we think that we know better than our creator what should constitute a family? My heart goes out to those who are living in a homosexual lifestyle. It is a hard life no matter how pretty a picture they paint. It is not an easy way of life. Well my kids have seen the signs have known that I was going to work on the campaign have been kept from McDonalds until they recently ended the boycott. Isaac would get excited when he saw a sign and once he said hey Dad Proposition 8 they probably go to church and if it passes can we go to McDonalds again. So I thought I would share the results with him this morning on his way out the door. Isaac it looks like Proposition 8 passed. But our next President is Obama and then his eyes just gushed with tears. I want to sob too for other reasons. I lost a friend over this 8 campaign. It makes me sad but I can not be the person that this person wants and really never could be. I guess I just need to accept that. It is hard to deal with rejection on any level. I guess I shouldn't be shocked when my 7 year old deals with the disappointments of life with eyes filled with tears since that is what he sees his mother do. I just didn't realize that his little heart got so involved in this election. I almost said Obama this morning again and my husband stopped me short. I guess we will give him a little while.

Monday, November 3, 2008

favorite pictures from Halloween

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I love halloween. I love the costumes the candy the scary stuff. My kids never commit to one costume and they both have dress up trunks so I let them pick what they want to be. Brianna and Grandma decided she would be a princess but just not any princess one like the ones in the electical parade. So Grandma Knight made her a dress but could not figure out the lights. Brianna is so tiny really one strand even doubled up put about three lights on her. The dress was great and Brianna loves it. However when we went to Grandma's trunk or treat she was very distraught that she did not win the costume contest. I told her I had an idea and if she would be a scary princess she might win at our trunk or treat. I figured a princess that had been biten by dracula was more original. I actually got the idea because I thought Isaac looked so much like I'd imagined Edward in Twilight why not have Brianna be Bella. I guess it pays to cross your fingers cause I did and she and Isaac and Seth ended up winning for best pair. I was relieved cause I didn't want to take an already over exhausted girl that didn't get what she wanted for the second night in a row home.

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