Monday, October 27, 2008

Her birthday lunch

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Thanks everyone for coming.

Happy Birthday.

T is for tolerance (she has to put up with me)
I icing (she loves cookies and icing) inborn trait I think
F funny feet (her poor feet will brighten any gloomy day) especially now with no toenails left
F fabulous sister and friend
A always helps me
N neat and tidy
Y younger than Cherry but always older than me :)

F family she has gone to great lenghts to preserve it in the last little while
A always running
I intelligent
R religious example to others she lives the gospel and those around her respect her
C compassionate she would give you the shirt off her back or run 27.2 miles to help
H happy she can make you smile in the middle of a trial
I important things First(she has her priorities in the right order)
L loving aunt my children adore her
D dilligent in her study of the gospel and service to others
Tiffany is one of the most incredible people I know. I love her. I really think that the most important thing in this life is relationships how we treat others. Tiffany is a great example. She is a loving wife a great mother a fabulous aunt and as a sister well her and Cherry are pretty much perfection in that role in life. I am really looking forward to spending sometime with Tiffany and Cherry my mom and some of Tiffanys friends today.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Childhood game I was never good at

Tag Isaac Grace and Leah on the slip n slide. This is the 6th picture from the 6th file on my computer. It is a hot summer day and I was watching Leah and Grace for Tiffany. I don't remember why that is one of the many benefits of having a sister nearby you can kid swap often. The kids played for hours on the slip in slide. I didn't even sketch about all the hose water they were filling their bellies with they were just having a great time. Leah could have a ball doing anything though. This picture reminds me they are growing up way to fast! Good times I am tagging Analiese, Jennifer, Kelly, Ashley, and Keri (6th picture from the 6th file and tell about it)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sounds of the Supremes


It was a nice night I really love oldies. And the only thing that would have made it better is if Tiffany would have been there too. I love my mom and my sisters so much. I am truely lucky to have them in my life. There is so much comfort in knowing that no matter what they will be by my side.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

My life would not be complete without ROB

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So I was sitting in church wondering exactly what I have going for me and I decided it is Rob. I chose well. He puts God first he is loving and patient. He is christlike. I really did choose well and then the spirit wispers he was a gift. I am so greatful for him in my life. He didn't even complain that his birthday breakfast was a day late and for lunch... We went to Magic Mountain for his Birthday and X 2 was fun but we both agreed that standing in line for roller coasters is just not our thing anymore. No wonder it is mostly teenagers... who else has that much time to waste. It was nice to spend sometime with just Rob for a change.. thank goodness for his Birthday I really needed to have some time with just him.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brooke Lee Field

It is so hard to come to grips with the fact that Brooke is a TEENAGER she had her birthday yesterday so it is official. Life is really just a blink of the eye. She was my very first experience being an AUNT. I held her and I was filled with so much love. I never wanted to do anything that she could not look up to. She is so precious to me.When I got married she took me aside and said all these are your new nieces she was a little distraught (there were so many). I told her she would always be my first niece. Brooke is so talented,smart, and beautiful. I can't believe how grown up she looks. It was just yesterday that Cherry let me take her on a walk(being a very protective new mother it was a great honor.) I tried to call her yesterday but missed her :( I am so glad that she is my niece. Happy Birthday Brooke I love you! Thanks for filling my life with joy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Seth in all his glory

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Brianna is so tiny sometimes when she is trying to kick the ball she trips but she gets right back up. Several time she has taken the ball down and tried to score but she doesn't have enough ball control to turn the ball. This week it happened. She scored twice. It was so fun to watch. Grace is amazing and averages about 8 goals a game so her second goal was completely set up by Grace but her first goal she really worked for. I love seeing her rosey cheeks after her games. She tries so hard. Isaac also played hard. I think it is hard to be on the young end of the age division. He played goalie for the first time. (a frustrating experience for me) and Broady a friend on the other team scored a goal at least luck was with Isaac or there might have been a few more. Isaac had complete control of the ball and turned the wrong direction a couple of times during his game. (I am not sure why) His skills are really coming along though he is a fast runner if he could just go in the right direction the whole game. Brianna didn't want Rob to go to Priesthood session of conference on Saturday night. She said Dad don't go. I said Bri don't you want Daddy to go and hear what Heavenly Father wants to tell him about being a good Dad and a good husband. She said "Well he already know that." I would have to agree but I am so glad he still goes to Priesthood session of General Conference!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks Rohan I love these photos!

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At least my kids are captured in this moment and time. They are growing up too fast for me. Isaac is in school until 2:30 then on Mondays heads straight to piano and Tuesdays straight for soccer. Then there is the homework.. Brianna loves school and is in Miss Alison's class three mornings a week. Seth he is my sidekick creating a mess where ever he goes. I know that these are precious momments this is the time that I will want back. So I am trying to enjoy every minute. Well aside from those minutes I want to scream cause life seams to throw too many curve balls.
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My baby is growing up. His vocabulary has exploded in the last couple of weeks. We were at a birthday party and he was shouting ice keem ice keem ice keem I didn't even know he could say it. He is able to parrot just about anything these days and if I ask him what he is doing he is quick to respond NOTHING. He thinks he can do everything that his older brother and sister can and there is not much he can't to tell you the truth. He has such a fabulous disposition. I really enjoy his sweet hugs and kisses. He looks so much like Isaac did at his age. He loves balls and thinks that he is entitled to one if it is anywhere near him. He is so easy going and playful. His smile melts my heart all too often.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


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Rohan came to visit on his way back to Utah from New Zealand. He was a missionary here 7 years ago.He brought the kids each a very loud squeaky stuffed animal.You can imagine with three kids running around the house SQUEAKING and SQUOKING how fun it is to have him around.He served as a missionary when Isaac was just a newborn. Crazy how time flies. We have been trying to find him a wife. I told him if you want to be happy for the... he doesn't agree he hangs out with lots of beautiful woman I guess he just has to find the one. I didn't even freak out that my house is a disaster area. I usually would but this week I just don't have the energy. Thanks for not minding Rohan.

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