Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lips are sealed but Happy Birthday to ME!!!

You did not hear it for me but Elder Bednar is coming to Simi Valley for Stake Conference. I am so very excited! I had the oppurtunity on my mission to meet several of the general authorities and each experience is precious to me. I am excited to have this experience as a family and although my children are young we have talked about how special it is to have him visit. I know that he is a special witness of Jesus Christ. Some may believe that it would be easier not to have children around but I am thrilled that my children will have this experience. I couldn't think of why it bugged me so much that others may not want my children there.I thought about it and they remind me of the apostles that tried to keep the children away from a tired Savior and he told them suffer the children to come to me. I believe an apostle of Jesus Christ would feel the same about children. I think their little spirits will benefit from being in his presence and I hope that they can be reverent enough to feel the spirit. If not at least I get the oppurtunity to talk to them about what an apostle is and how important they are.

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