Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Fit!

Diamond Eye Optometry

I am writing this letter to let you know of my experience Tuesday January 24, 2012 in your office. First of all I would like to tell you that your receptionists are wonderful. They were very pleasant and helpful. It is people like Claudia that would be the only reason that I would even think twice about coming back into your office. I received a call from Atherwood Elementry school informing me that my sons new glasses were broken. He was playing basketball at lunch and the ball knocked his frames off his face and they shattered. I immediately called your office. I had only purchased the frames 11 days prior. When I purchased the frames I told them that my son was hard on glasses and asked if there was a warantee. I was told they would take care of it if it was a manufacturer's defect. I should not have a problem because they were quality frames. When I called they instructed me to come in and and see what they could do. When I arrived about 2:30 I was instructed to have a seat that the manager was on a conference call and would be out as soon as she was finished. I waited and waited and waited. I waited over an hour and a half. I understand waiting that is not what I am upset about. I am extremely disappointed after I waited all of that time. I watched as Claudia took the manager to the back...(I am assuming informed her of my situation and I watched as the manager walked out of the office. I am sorry I waited that entire time to speak to her and she did not even have the decency to address me? I was ticked off to say the very least.
Then Claudia came over and told me that there was really nothing that they could do for me. Poor Claudia endured my ranting and raving I think that I caused the biggest scene I have ever in my life.I am six monthes pregnant. I waited for over an hour and a hear that there was nothing that could be done for me. I was furious to say the least. Please give my apologies to Claudia. I know very well that she was only the messanger and the manager had no right to put her in that position. I have worked many jobs where customer service is essential. I again was very disappointed in your management. That is no way to treat a customer. I paid over my insurance budget for those frames and the quality was not acceptable. I asked for the manufacturer's name and the model number of the frames and was then told that information was not available. After my fit. Claudia told me that she didn't want me that angry to leave the glasses and she would try to see what she could do. I reluctantly left them. I was called an hour later and Claudia had fitted them to new frames. She is my hero! That kind of stress is not welcome in my life. If your management can not take care of buisness then I will never walk into your office again. I have been a resident in the community for most of my life. I came from a very large family and one of the reasons that I chose your office is the pleasant experience I had with my father as a child there. In my experience customer service makes or brakes a buisness and in this economy to treat a customer like I was treated is unacceptable. I am grateful for the end result. However, it was not an experience I would be willing to recommend.
Natalie Knight

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